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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Aloe the Miracle Plant

Aloe the Miracle Plant

Aloe Vera extracts have anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties that can kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. It boost the immune system and the high level of antioxidants protect your body.

Men's Health Prostate Enlargement

Pure Aloe vera juice strengthens the immune system and prevents inflammation. The prostate gland may cause a blockage of the urinary tract which if left untreated can cause cancer or impotence. This plant's juice is effective in preventing and treating an enlarged prostate gland.

Kidney Protection

Aloe regulates high blood pressure which if left untreated can lead to strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure. The improved blood circulation is beneficial to your kidneys.

Protection against Alzheimer's

Scientists from the University of Miami’s School of Medicine determined that a constituent of aloe vera was able to reduce Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. The researches gave a supplement which contained acemannan to Alzheimer’s patients over a one year period. They tested them every three months. The researchers found that the cognitive improvements occurred in nearly 50% of the patients.

Side Effects of Aloe

It is also used for constipation. Only very small dosages need to be taken otherwise it may cause diarrhoea and stomach cramps.

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